Department News -
Aux 3632 - starting on April 8th - meetings will move to the 2nd Saturday at noon.
Aux 9400 meeting time has changed to 6:30.  Same day and place.
Aux 10227 - April meeting moved from 4/1 to 4/8 at 10 am
District President's Training will be held on May 20th at 10 am at Department Headquarters.  There will not be training at State Convention.

National News -
National Convention Housing opens on Feb 17th.  More information can be found on under events.
National Convention dates are July 22nd-27th
Registration is now open.  Go to your MALTA account and click on events.  Cost is $25.00 or $40 at the convention.
Go to Events to find more information on the Incoming National President's celebration, 2023 CAFE and the 2024 Mid Year Cruise.