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Project Report
National Ambassador's December 2022 Blog Article - The More You Know, The More We Grow!
National Ambassador's September 2022 Blog Article - Invite. Include. Invest
National Ambassador's membership video
National Ambassador's Introduction Letter and July 2022 Promotion

Ten Members Standing in a Line
VFW and Auxiliary Working Together
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New Members:

*MALTA- Member Auxiliary Leadership Technology Access:
*Activate your MALTA account with your membership # and password (Link "how to set-up MALTA account:  Member-Portal-Training.pdf (
*Overview of VFW Auxiliary MALTA Dashboard:  Auxiliary Member: MALTA Membership System Virtual Tour - YouTube
*Member Benefits:  VFW-Auxiliary-Member-Benefits-One-Sheeter-Option-1.pdf (
*Member "related" Scholarship Benefits:  FINAL-Continuing-Education-Scholarship-PRINTABLE.pdf (
*Auxiliary Online Academy:  Member-Portal-Training.pdf (
*Understanding Auxiliary Traditions:  VFW-Auxiliary-Traditions-08.2017.pdf (
*VFW Auxiliary Common Terms:  VFW-Auxiliary-Acronyms-and-Common-Terminology.pdf (

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