Chairman Reba Dermody
1049 N. Catalina Dr.
Sierra Vista, Az. 85635
Phone:  520-227-8160

Establish New Auxiliaries
Contact the Department Chief of Staff if you're interested in starting an Auxiliary
Maintain Current Auxiliaries
Focus on the three C's - Consultant; Counselor and Cheerleader
Present to Unaffiliated Posts
Let's talk about the advantages of having an Auxiliary!
Program Overview
Chief of Staff Award for Members No. 1 – Nomination Form
National Ambassador's November 2021 Blog Article - Tips for Starting a Successful Auxiliary
National Ambassador's October 2021 Blog Article - Is my Auxiliary on track to stay healthy?
National Ambassador's August 2021 Blog Article - What can I do to ensure my Auxiliary is healthy?
National Ambassador's 1st Promotion - July 2021

Healthy Auxiliary Tool Kit

Official Visit Communication
*Auxiliary President to Post Commander Annual Letter
*District Meeting Introduction List
*District Official Visit Notification
*District Official Visit Report
*Guidelines for District President of Auxiliary Official Visit
*Guidelines for the Auxiliary President for Official Visit by District President
*Council of Administration Report for District Presidents
*Talking Points

Extension Materials

Good Job Awards