Chairman Melissa Martin                                 Co Chairman Connie Hargreaves

  • VFW National Veterans Service
  • VFW Veterans & Military Support Programs Assist Veterans, Service Members and Their Families
  • Promote Veteran & Military Suicide Prevention
  • Mental Health Awareness

Project Report Form
National Veterans & Family Support Award No. 1
National Veterans & Family Support Award No. 2
National Ambassador's Introduction letter and July 2022 Promotion
Step by step of how to make Plarn
Upcoming Statewide Stand Down Events
VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers
Addition to Caregivers Program

VFW Fact Sheet as of 12.27.21
Housing for Heroes flyer - PDF
Uniting To Combat Hunger - PDF

Website Resources
Ten Tips for Family Caregivers
VFW Mental Wellness Campaign

Give An Hour/Change Direction
Patients Like Me
One Mind
The Elizabeth Dole Foundation
Help Heal Veterans (Therapeutic Craft Kits)
Veterans Voices Writing Project 
Gary Sinese Foundation Mental Wellness
VA caregivers
Sesame Street Family Caregiving Information
Sesame Street Information for Military Families


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Veteran & Military Suicide Awareness


VFW’s National Veterans Service


VFW’s Veterans & Military Support Program