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Ensure a Positive Member Experience
Extend a Hand of Friendship to All Members
Engage in Learning Opportunities
Successful Organizations have Continuous Training
Develop Member Confidence in Leadership Roles
Encourage Members to attend a Department/District Meeting or Training Event

The aim of this program is to inspire individual members to become knowledgeable mentors to others within the Auxiliary.  Asking mentors to sit with new members, as well as those that have been inactive for a while, to explain what is happening during the business meeting, our procedures and programs is a great way to start.  Proper mentoring new members will firmly set the foundation for a highly successful Auxiliary.  Mentors should work closely with new officers to help and guide them. Mentoring on our programs will not only encourage participation, but also build confidence in our members so they are enthusiastic about taking the lead on Auxiliary projects.  Thus, those same members will be more inclined to step up into leadership roles at all levels of our great organization.  With a positive attitude, a mentor will teach the basics of our organization and help build a strong and successful auxiliary.



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