Chairman Reba Dermody
1049 N. Catalina Dr
Sierra Vista, Az 85635
Phone:  520-2278160
Ensure a Positive Member Experience
Extend a Hand of Friendship to All Members
Engage in Learning Opportunities
Use the guidebooks to develop consistence training
for leaders of today and tomorrow
Develop Member Confidence in Leadership Roles
Encourage Members to attend a Department/District Meeting and trainings

A stronger membership on every level of our organization will be accomplished through mentoring. Mentoring for Leadership will enhance all types of program activities. Vigilance in mentoring will make the difference in obtaining and maintaining members, since many other organizations are vying for our members' time and talents.  By engaging in mentoring activities, you will build a stronger relationship amongst new and tenured members.  Whether you create a formal or informal mentoring program, every auxiliary should have a type of resource to assist in communicating and motivating members to better understand the organization.

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