2023-2024 Auxiliary District Meetings
District 1 - Meetings begin at 11 am
August 20th at Post 6790 in Wellton
October 22nd at Post 769 in Quartzsite
January 21st at Post 1763 in Yuma
April 14th at Post 8242 in Yuma (convention)

District 2 - Meetings begin at 10 am
July 15th at Post 1709 in Flagstaff
Oct 14th at Post 541 in Prescott
December 16 at Post 7400 in Cottonwood
April 13th at Post 6739 in Camp Verde (convention)

District 3 - School of Instruction begin at 9 am; Joint Meeting at 10 am & Auxiliary meeting at 10:30 am
July 15th at Post 1433 in Glendale
October 7th at Post 12098 in Buckeye
January 27th at Post 12098 in Buckeye
April 27th at Post 1433 in Glendale (convention)

District 4 - Meetings begin at 10
August 20th at Post 9400 in Sunnyslope
December 3rd at Post 1760 in Mesa
January 28th at Post 720 in Phoenix
April 28th at Post 1796 in Black Canyon City (convention)
District 5 - Joint Meeting at 9:30 on the first and third meeting. Auxiliary meeting at 10 am
August 12th at Post 4903 in Tucson
October 28th at Post 5990 in Maranna
January 27th at Post 10254 in Three Points
April 27th at Post 549 in Tucson (convention)

District 6 - Meeting begins at 11 am
July 8th at Post 9907 in Show Low
October 14th at Post 8987 in Eagar
January 13th at Post 8807 in Tonto Basin
April 13th at Post 1704 in Globe (convention)

District 7 - Meeting begins at 10 am
July 16th at Post 10385 in Thatcher
October 15th at Post 2066 in Nogales
January 21st at Post 9977 in Pearce
April 21st at Post 6271 in Benson (convention)

District 8 - School of Instruction begins at 10 am and Joint Meeting begins at 11 am
July 30th at Post 9401 in Lake Havasu City
October 29th at Post 7061 in Parker
January 28th at Post 10726 in Parker Dam
April 28th at Post 10005 in Bull Head City (convention)
District 9 -
September 24th at Post 10386 in Kingman - Institution of District at 10 am

District 10 - Joint Meeting at 9 am and Meeting begins at 10 am
July 9th at Post 7968 in Apache Junction
October 15th at Post 7401 in Chandler
January 28th at Post 1677 in Casa Grande
April 14th at Post 3713 in Coolidge (convention)